Founded in 1999 by Ms Josée Brouillette and formerly known as Services AJB, A.JB Contact et Insolvabilité is a firm that offers counsel and assistance to individuals embroiled in difficult, unbearable or unmanageable financial situations, and/or who are having a hard time coping with insolvency.

The role of AJ.B is to welcome, to listen, to counsel, to manage and to support its clients in order to rebalance their financial situation, this allowing them to pursue a normal and happier life.

With four locations in the Montreal area, AJ.B has experienced balanced growth and has established a favourable reputation, based mostly on word of mouth.

AJ.B, with its rich history of trust and respect, is devoted to serving a broad multicultural clientele. Service is available in English, French, Spanish, Creole and Arabic.

Based on its unique approach and its solid experience, AJ.B name has become synonymous with “trust”.