Notre processus en termes plus concrets ! Nous ne sommes pas un syndic donc nous travaillons pour vous et nous vous protégeons contre les créanciers.

Step 1

During our initial meeting, we will perform a complete analysis of your situation in order to obtain a clear picture. We will direct you toward the most appropriate option and explain the advantages and disadvantages associated to your decision. Whichever solution you choose, we will provide support and guidance throughout the process.

Step 2

The second step consists in preparing your file, answering any questions you may have, and offering relevant advice. Your calls will be given our full attention, and we will make it our duty to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

Step 3

The last step will be performed by a manager or a trustee, depending on the chosen solution. At this stage, our work consists of selecting the manager or trustee that will be best suited to handle your case. This person will come to our offices to handle your file. Will we will ensure your representation with the trustee, the manager and your creditors. We always work with friendly, competent and honest professionals.